Fixed fee Services

Free Video Chat

We are proud to offer you our state-of-the-art video chat feature. This allows you to communicate face-to-face with your Lawyer, instead of via emails or telephone.This makes your experience and the service you receive more personable and of a higher quality- just as if you were meeting them in their office. All fixed fee matters include free video chat.

Fixed-fee services

Whether you require any documents to be reviewed or professionally draft or your VAT returns or accounts completed, we offer fixed fee services so that you know exactly what you are paying, with no hidden costs. It is not based on time cost, or hourly rates, it’s a one-off payment that’s all and at a price which is only available for ZedTeQ Legal. Once you have made payment, we will forward your details to the best professional for your enquiry who will contact you that working day. You will need to get any relevant documents to them and they will prepare the rest for you.

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20 Minute telephone advice with experienced lawyer in the following areas

Lease matters
Landlord/Tenant matters
Employment matters
Immigration matters

1 hour telephone advice for

Family matters, divorce etc
Police or detainment matters
Business advice
Setting up a Company in UAE
Travel concerns, bans, passport issues
Expat requirements

Contract review plus 1 hour telephone advice

Employment contract, lease agreement or business contract
Submit it online and our lawyers will look over it and get back to you about any concerns and answer any questions you may have.

Comprehensive search on court system to see if there is a Court case filed against you.

Litigation matters 1 hour advice and document review

Obtain legal advice on any claims issued against you or any advice before you issue a claim in the courts.
Have relevant documents draft in response to litigation against you or for issuing a claim.
Check if there are any claims against you in court.

Debt recovery

Comprehensive advice
Review documents
Issue letter pre action to Defendant party
Review response and reply
If no satisfactory outcome, issue Claim

Employment contract review and 1 hour telephone advice

Shariah Compliant will

Non Shariah compliant will

UAE LLC Company formation documentation and advice

Drafting a legal notice - also includes advice and serving it on opposition party.


20 Minute telephone advice

UAE accountants and VAT advice

1 hour telephone advice

Setting up a business in UAE and tax issues
Comprehensive advice on submitting accounts for companies
Personal accounting issues

Auditing advice


Please note: If your instructed professional advise that additional work is required after this initial service, then that fee will be discussed separately by them and ZedteQ legal are not responsible for the fee quotes provided.