How ZedteQ Works

How can we make your legal life easier?

Do you need a Lawyer? Here's how ZedteQ Works!

Lawyers! Here's what ZedteQ is about!

‘Professional services are too expensive for me!’

When you are faced with a legal issue, simple or otherwise, it is a very daunting task finding the right person to represent you. Research shows that one of the biggest deterrents in obtaining legal services is cost. Often Lawyers quote a figure and then down the line need to increase their fee for various reasons, perhaps they are charging according to time spent or the matter has become more difficult.

By using ZedteQ legal, you are removing any ambiguity of costs, so you know exactly what you are paying or what you will need to pay before you even sign anything. You are then connected to a competent and professional person to assist you in your matter.

‘Who should I go to’?

The second biggest deterrent in hiring a Lawyer is not knowing who to go to. There are hundreds of firms and Lawyers, all offering the same services. You would usually go for the person nearest to you, but is that the best person for you? By using ZedTeQ Legal, you have the worry of this removed as once you have posted your question, the best person for the job will contact you themselves!

No hidden charges

There are no hidden charges and no hidden elements, you are always in control! We are completely open about who you are in touch with, their name, address, firm and contact details. We respect privilege between Lawyers and their clients and will never get involved.

No subscription fees

Our Lawyers are not required to pay any subscription fees which most platforms insist on. Subscription fees mean that a lawyer will be required to spend a certain amount of time with that platform in order to make the most of the money they have spent with that business. As we do not charge our professionals for a basic subscription, they are willing individuals who want to close the gap between professionals and their clients and want to see the advancement of technology in the Middle East and therefore chose to be part of ZedTeq’s vision.

What we do

As professionals ourselves, we understand that obtaining legal advice can be difficult and cause a lot of anxiety. We want to eliminate all of that worry for you and help you by giving you clear information about costs and connecting you with the best person for you. We connect lawyers and their clients via one platform which is easy, simple and free for all! You don’t have to fill out lengthy forms or put your bank account details in to access this advice, it is available for you as you need it. Our fixed fee options for more complex issues provide you with a low-cost option for professional legal services. Complex legal advice and document drafting are also available and tailored to your needs.