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ZedTeQ’s Management systems is currently a FREE management system which will facilitate your firm’s management and marketing substantially.
Excellent Marketing for your firm, our platform reaches hundreds of people daily and your firm’s name and logo will be clearly displayed on our website.
Increase your clientele with ease- by registering your firm you will have the potential to reach a much larger and global audience seeking your advice.
The Meeting Hub- chat with like-minded individuals and network amongst fellow professionals.
Video Chat- revolutionary chat function allows you to have ‘face-to-face’ meetings with your client, making your service more personable and a higher chance of securing business.
Enhance your personal profile- your responses will be put in our ‘ Frequently Asked Questions’. Your name, company profile and email will be easily visible for potential clients to contact you, who have a similar issue to resolve.
You are creating a digital footprint of your profile as a lawyer. Your advice and writing will be published online and accessible for all to see.
Best of all its completely free, there are no monthly on-going subscription fees which can eat up in to your firm’s budget. Why pay unnecessary subscription fees or marketing costs when ZedTeQ Legal is completely free.