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ZedteQ Legal is an online Legal Tech company and we do not offer legal advice. We offer legal services and legal advice from qualified lawyers subscribed to ZedteQ Legal. We also offer legal information and Legal software. We do not discuss, disclose or peruse the advice/information given to you from our lawyers and therefore please ensure you are satisfied prior to actioning any advice.

Please be aware that by using ZedteQ Legal, you do not form a client relationship with us. Any contract is between you and the lawyer you instruct only.

This legal notice and all issues regarding the Website are governed by UAE Law. Access is granted on the condition that you accept all of the above and agree to the jurisdiction of the United Arab Emirates.

Terms of use for ZedteQ Legal

The Terms and Conditions cover how you access and use zedteqlegal.com and our products, services, platform and software.

You agree to be governed by the Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy each time you use ZedteQ Legal.

If you are a representative of a Company and you are using our website and its services, you agree to our terms on behalf of that Company and confirm you have authority to do so.

ZedteQ Legal reserves the right, at its discretion, to make changes to any part of the Website or the Terms. These Terms and Conditions can be changed at any time we see appropriate and we advise you to check them prior to using any new or additional service so that you are aware of your legal obligations and our responsibilities at all times.

We reserve the right to alter, suspend or discontinue any part of the Website or the services provided via ZedteQ Legal, including your access to it. We endeavor to ensure at all times that the information provided on ZedteQ Legal is accurate and up to date and cannot accept liability for information used which is no longer available on ZedteQ Legal but still used by you.

ZedteQ Legal excludes all liability for any kind of loss or damage that may occur to you or a third party when using our website (this list is not exhaustive).

As a user you are permitted to read the contents of ZedteQ Legal, download and save temporarily any of the contents of our Website provided it is not used commercially and is solely for your private use. You are not allowed to copy or forward the contents of ZedteQ Legal. Should you wish to set up links to our website, please seek our written consent by emailing us on info@zedteqlegal.com.

We do not endorse any other Company and any associated links, blogs etc are for your reference only. We do not accept liability for any other company/website in anyway, this refers to any damage caused by these external links, financial or otherwise. This list is not exhaustive. The Terms and Conditions do not cover your interaction with other sites referred to on ZedTeQ Legal. You should read the privacy policies and Terms and Conditions of any third-party site.

You agree to receive communications in the form of emails from ZedTeQ Legal when you create an account. You may “Unsubscribe” at any time, however if you continue to use ZedteQ Legal, you are still bound by the terms and conditions.

You must not misuse our Website by intentionally introducing any viruses, attempting to hack, gain access or other malicious material which will be detrimental to our website as this is a criminal offence and we will report you to the police and/or bring legal action against you. We will not be liable for damage caused to your computer of server should you commit the above criminal offences.

For further information please contact us by sending an email to info@zedteqlegal.com.

Please note, that any emails received are intended only for the addressee and it is confidential between ZedteQ Legal and the addressee. The information may also be protected under legal privilege and should not be read, disclosed or relied on by anyone other than the addressee. Please advise us immediately if any of our communications has been sent to you in error and we request that you delete the information accordingly.

All emails are scanned for viruses before they are sent to you, however we request you also ensure that they are free from viruses prior to opening them. ZedteQ Legal does not guarantee any communication received by us is entirely secure and therefore we are free from any liability arising out of any virus damaging your computer, phone, tablet or anything else. This list is not exhaustive.

Please note that If you receive any email or notice of changes alleging to come from ZedteQ Legal, especially our bank details or main contact details, we request you contact us immediately on the email or number on the main website and not the contact details on the suspicious communication. Please do not make any payments to unconfirmed payment requests that are not the details of our bank found on our website. We will not be liable for the transfer of any sums made by you to unlawful requests and bank account.

We do not accept liability for any communication or information on ZedteQ Legal or on social media that are deemed as legal advice as we are not a law firm and do not provide any legal advice.

Copyright and other intellectual property rights in the content of ZedteQ Legal, including any logos and even those of firms and companies subscribed with us and who have consented to the same on ZedteQ Legal are reserved unless expressly granted. Email info@zedteqlegal.com for further information.

ZedteQ legal allows users to download particular documents which are also available from the original website.

ZedteQ legal excludes all liability in contract, negligence, or otherwise for any costs, damages, financial and non-financial losses, expenses or legal proceedings (list is not exhaustive) incurred by you by directly or indirectly using our downloading facilities and the content of any material including any loss, damage, error, or inaccuracy or copyright with the downloads.

ZedteQ Legal excludes all liability for documents created by third parties in relation to any errors or omissions and excludes liability in relation to any copyright in these documents. All documents are available for users use and are not endorsed or verified by us.

ZedteQ Legal shall not be liable for any viruses or damaged files or programs designed to destroy and limit the functionality of users’ computer hardware.

ZedteQ Legal will not be responsible for any breach of the Terms of service which are caused by circumstances beyond its reasonable control.

We have made every effort to ensure that our website and any associated documents, downloads or software are free from viruses, no guarantees are provided and users are advised to use the site at their own discretion, making sure that they have adequate security on their computer.

Any information, documents, articles, blogs downloaded will be done so under your own discretion and we do not accept any liability for any damage, consequential damage, loss of data, loss of computer, financial loss or negligence arising as a result or in connection to the download of such documents.

ZedteQ Legal nor any of its affiliates, sponsors, employees, directors, and representatives, shall be be liable ( as much as possible save as permissible by the law) for any financial or consequential loss, any loss of income, earning, revenue or profits, or any indirect, or special damages, any loss of data, information, or other intangible losses including goodwill whether incurred directly or indirectly, as a result of any content relating to third parties, users ability to access ZedteQ Legal, unauthorized changes or use or access of legal information provided to users or any litigation proceedings or other court proceedings bought under UAE law or international law.

Should you cancel your booking or miss your appointment, we will be unable to issue you with a refund of the sums paid. All payment is final and by agreeing to the terms and conditions at the check out page, you agree that payment is non-refundable. Should you miss two consecutive appointments with lawyers, video chat, telephone call ( this list is not exhaustive), we reserve the right to block any further bookings made by you.

ZedteQ Legal’s Privacy Policy

ZedteQ Legal treats your data with great respect and we ensure that your data is protected safely and securely.

Our privacy policy explains how we use your personal information when you use ZedteQ Legal’s Website. It explains our use of cookies and tells you how to contact us if you have any issues or concerns as to how we use your personal information. By signing up and using the services ZedteQ Legal offers, you fully accept that your personal information may be used by us. Please refer to the Cookies Policy on this site for information about cookies, what they are used for and your rights with regard to them. Our Privacy Policy only relates to ZedTeQ Legal’s website. Any links available from ZedteQ to other websites are provided for your consideration and perusal and we do not endorse the websites or any of the content or the way in which they will handle your data.

Any method to contact us, either by filling in our contact us form, I Need Free Legal Advice, email, telephone or live chat, we may securely maintain a record of the content between us and the information that is supplied. This is in order to ensure we are providing you with the best possible advice and service and to keep a record of services provided to you, in any form.

When you register or sign in to ZedteQ Legal (includes but not limited to legal services, newsletters, live chats, webinars etc) we may collect and process your personal information such as your name, address, telephone number, email address, IP address and so forth.

We will use your personal information for providing relevant legal services to you as well as information about ZedteQ legal. We will also keep you updated about our new products and launch dates as well as upcoming products and services. We will also require this information to maintain, update, review and asses ZedteQ Legal. We do not pass information about you to any third party. We may from time to time contact you with information that we consider may be of interest to you. Our Terms and Conditions create no third-party beneficiary rights.

Please note, Any transaction undertaken via ZedteQ Legal are covered by our terms and conditions accordingly.

We are always looking for ways to improve our website and services to you and therefore take feedback very seriously. If you have any comments or concerns regarding ZedteQ Legal or would like to report any misuse of the Website, please contact us by sending an email to info@zedteqlegal.com

All users (representatives, heirs, executors of estate, etc) hereby fully release and indemnify and hold all ZedTeQ Legal directors, employees and affiliates harmless and free from any damage, losses and any expenses incurred, including reasonably incurred lawyer’s fee as a result of an introduction. This includes any legal claims and any injury including death, relating to or arising out of your use of the zedteqlegal.com website. You hereby agree that this release has been voluntarily and freely consented by you and you confirm that you fully understand what you have consented to.

Should any element become enforceable for whatever reason, the remaining Terms and Conditions remain legal and enforceable so far as the law will allow. ZedTeQ Legal may assign any of its rights to affiliates, or to any successor of the business that is associated with the website, however users are not permitted to do so.

Introduction of Lawyers via ZedTeQ Legal

ZedTeQ Legal has a vast database of lawyers practicing in the UAE who have registered with us to provide legal advice and services to any user who is signed up and contacts us. We do not promote or endorse one lawyer over the other and we do not have any control as to what they advise you or anything else once the initial introduction has been made between the two parties and there is no contract between ZedteQ Legal and any user who seeks this advice. Each lawyer will have their own insurance and ZedTeQ Legal is not liable for any occurrence that may follow after advice is given, whether financial loss or otherwise.

Please be advised, any communication between you and a lawyer will only cover legal matters and not matters perceived to be outside of law or inappropriate. They may ask you personal questions in order to offer the best and most relevant advice and this information may be shared with ZedteQ Legal, which you agree to. Lawyers are able to offer you initial legal advice, document review and fees for undertaking the matter. Any instructions of the Lawyer by you forms a contractual relationship between you and them and excludes ZedteQ Legal from any liability whatsoever.

You understand that ZedteQ Legal has access to any communication between you and your lawyer so we can ensure that questions, services and so forth are fulfilled to a high standard.

You do not have to instruct the lawyer who contacts you and can contact us if you are not happy with the advice. No contract is formed between you and a lawyer unless expressly done by completion of a client care letter and excludes ZedteQ from any liability. A lawyer can withdraw instructions from you at any point in accordance with their client care letter and this has no involvement or connection with ZedTeQ Legal.

We will endeavor to secure special discounts for you when instructing lawyers but do not influence or control their fees, work completed on your file etc in any way.

All Lawyers subscribed to ZedteQ Legal undertake to ensure that they act in accordance with their best endeavors to ensure that the legal advice and services they are offering users of ZedTeQ Legal are accurate and up to date with reference to the law and articles where possible. Lawyers agree not to abuse or maliciously use the information of users received and undertake to treat the information provided securely. Lawyers undertake to not pass any email, telephone or other contact to any third party and undertake not to solicit or poach any user without ZedTeQ Legal’s knowledge. Lawyers confirm that they are licensed to practice law in the UAE.

Video Chats offered with fixed fee legal services are limited to the initial instructions only. Further video chats may be available at an additional costs at the discretion of ZedteQ legal.

If you are unhappy with the advice received and a fee has been paid via our platform, we will do our best to facilitate matters with the same lawyer, until you are happy with the outcome (once reasonable endeavors have been undertaken to fix it- this option is exhaustive). If you no longer wish to continue, we will refund you the sum paid, less 20% administration fee.

If however you have instructed the Lawyer directly, outside of ZedteQ, then any dispute or refund sought will have to be taken up with the Lawyer directly in accordance to their firm’s complaints procedure and we will not be involved. 

As a lawyer

You must act in accordance with your best endeavors at all times.

You must not poach or solicit any client or individual whose details have come from ZedteQ legal.

You must endeavor to respond directly to ZedteQ Legal within 24 hours. We will then send out your advice, with your name and details from our platform.

You must ensure all efforts to offer sound and appropriate advice.

You are bound by professional privacy in all matters which have been confided to him and all facts which have otherwise become known to him in his capacity as a lawyer, whose confidentiality is in the interest of his client.

  • You must act in good faith.
  • You must not discuss client matters with any other colleague.
  • You must not forward any correspondence to competitors to ZedteQ.
  • You must endeavor to answer all questions put to you.

You are required to give a notice period of 30 days if wish to de-register from ZedteQ legal so that we are able to continue providing access to justice to those who need it.

It is your professional duty to keep us informed on any changes of circumstances if you are no longer practicing as a lawyer in UAE, any withheld information will be deemed breach of contract.

ZedteQ legal will not be held liable for any fees owed to you by clients introduced through us. Any contracts for work done are between lawyers and their clients and the extent of liability is between these two parties.

ZedteQ legal will not be involved in any disputes between the two parties, any complaints made against the lawyer will be considered within the law firm in accordance with their normal complaints procedure.

Any referral or introduction from ZedteQ to a Lawyer or a Law firm, in which the referral instructs that Lawyer or that Law firm, will attract a 20% fee of the final agreed invoice. This is payable within seven days to ZedteQ Legal, regardless of when the newly client instruction pays. Failure to pay within seven days will result in breach of contract and you will be liable to surcharges. 

You must act in good faith with all referrals introduced to you. 

You must not email/message them privately in order to avoid the referral fee. This is a breach of contract.

You must not solicit or poach any of 'ZedteQ Legal's 'users', if they have contacted you via 'I need free legal advice' or 'I need a quote'.

Any such action will result in being blocked from the site and damages pursued via the Courts. 

  1. You must provide us with your; full name, firm’s name, e-mail address, LinkedIn profile and website.
  2. Prior to being allowed access to the Lawyers Portal or being offered enquiries from new users, you must be verified.
  3. We may require further details from you, should we be unable to verify you using our resources.
  4. You must act honestly when providing us with this information and must do so as soon as possible.
  5. Once you are verified, you must complete your profile and maintain your account so that we are able to add you to the list of Lawyers on the website.
  6. If you fail to maintain your account or provide false information, we will consider our legal position and act accordingly.
  7. By registering with ZedteQ, you agree to offer free legal advice to any users who send questions via ‘I need free legal advice’ or any other method (this is not limited).
  8. You agree to respond to any enquiry sent by us within 24 hours- sooner if possible.
  9. You agree to offering 15 mins free video chat if requested by user or ZedteQ Legal
  10. You will not share your username or password with anyone. Every member of your firm must have their individual log in details.
  11. By registering, you consent to us sending you marketing emails.
  12. You agree to ZedteQ Legal’s administration charges of 20% of any fee sum paid via a booking through our platform.
  13. Once a new client books you, payment will be made to ZedteQ Legal and held accordingly.
  14. If you have been booked, and payment fails, we will advise you immediately.
  15. If the client is not satisfied with your advice or work done and, if after having undertaken dispute resolution between you as a Lawyer and the user, we are unable to solve it, we reserve the right to refund them the same. (in accordance with our T&CS)
  16. All payments will be made at the end of the month.
  17. Breakdown of fees payable to you and our admin charges can be seen in the Dashboard under total earnings. 

Take My Case


You must post details of your case, you must ensure that you are posting a true case and not fraudulent information.

You must be as close to the facts as you can be without disclosing anything personal.

You must offer a fair budget. Be careful how you post, remember a lawyer is sending a proposal and making an offer on fee based on what you have said. Whatever you have written is the work that will be undertaken by the lawyer, you cannot ask the lawyer to do extra work which was not listed in your proposal as this will be outside the fee quote.

Once you are happy with a proposal, press accept. Once you have accepted it, it is a legally binding contract between you and your lawyer- you must make payment via our portal immediately.

As soon as you have paid, we will forward you the Lawyers information.

You acknowledge, agree, and understand that ZedteQ is not a party to any Contract created between the two parties, that the formation of a Contract between Users will not, under any circumstance, create an employment or other service relationship between ZedteQ and any User or a partnership or joint instructions between ZedteQ and any User.

All payments are final, no refunds will be given. Please accept proposals carefully.

If there is a conflict of interest between you and your lawyer, the contract will be terminated and we will refund you the fees. Your case can be re-posted under the same terms.

When you are happy with the work completed for you and your matter has ended, please go in to your account and click on ‘complete’, so we know the matter has ended.

We will only release payment to the lawyer when you are happy with the work and it is completed.

If you have a complaint, you need to follow the firm’s complaints procedure. If you are unable to resolve it with them then we will attempt to mediate accordingly.


You must provide enough information in your proposal/offer to any cases so that they are in a position to understand if you are the right person for the case.

You must not disclose your name or your firm- it must be anonymous. Any breaches of these terms and conditions will result in your account being closed.

The fee quote you offer must be similar to their budget- if their budget is not realistic then make this known within the description so that the lay person understands what is involved and try to give a breakdown where possible.

Once your proposal/offer is accepted, we will send you your new clients name, telephone number and email address.

You must undertake due diligence and ensure there is no conflict of interest. If there is, the contract will end and you must inform us.

Please ensure to send a client care letter. Once your offer is accepted, normal contractual rules apply and both parties are in contract with each other. ZedteQ will not be a party to any of the instructions and no contractual relationship will be inferred between ZedteQ, the Lawyer or the Client.

Please contact your new client as soon as you can to introduce yourself and open their file.

Once the matter is complete, please go on to your account and click the ‘Complete button’. Only do this when the matter is complete and the client is happy and there is no complaint.

If there is a complaint from the new client, we have advised them to follow your firm’s normal complaints procedure. If you are unable to resolve it with them, we will mediate where possible.

Fees will only be released when both you and your client click ‘Complete button’.

ZedteQ will be receive 20% admin fee for the entire fee paid by the user.

The normal duty of care applies for all clients obtained via our platform.

Please act with diligence at all times.

Agreement of Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions establish the entire agreement between ZedTeQ Legal and users with respect to our Terms and Conditions. By using the website and clicking accept, you agree that these terms and conditions which may have been replaced or supersede any former agreements of the Terms and Conditions. Should you have any questions or concerns please email us on info@zedteqlegal.com

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Thank you

The ZedteQ Legal Team